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My Story...

Melissa McCullough

My experience in photography has been both technical and creative.  I have a bachelor of arts in fine arts, with special emphasis in photography.  I also have a masters in studio art and theory.  Art has always been my passion - I can remember my grandma teaching my brothers and me how to paint when we were young.  Her excitement in painting led to my excitement and enthusiasm to learn all I could....and photography is simply part of that.  I currently teach elementary art in Liberty at EPiC Elementary, and I can only hope to pass on my passion to my students and make them life long art lovers!

My husband and I have been married almost 10 years and have two beautiful children (ages 3 & 1).  I started taking pictures professionally shortly after we got married.  I worked with another photographer in Kansas City who primarily did weddings.  Once my friends started having kids, I would photograph their families and realized that I really loved the innocence and personality I was able to capture with little ones and families. Having children has certainly increased my love of photography.  It's important to capture those fleeting moments of their childhood.  I want to help you capture your families' moments too.  Whether it's your baby's first birthday, or you just got engaged - I want to make those moments last forever.  


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